The awakening of female sexuality

Where is the place and space in our lives for experiencing our sexuality?

As women, we fulfil many useful roles: working, raising children, running our households and the lives of those who belong to us, and taking on social responsibilities. We do, we grow, we learn, and we change. We are useful. Knowing and experiencing our sexuality, our beauty, and our femininity is easily put to a lower level because it is "only" pleasure and enjoyment. Sometimes we wait so long for our own attention that reconnecting is challenging. Our other essential and useful roles take all our time and energy. I know this well as a mother, an entrepreneur, and a wife.

Now I invite you to give yourself a gentle, supportive and encouraging wake-up call with this workshop. A powerful resource lies within our sexuality, our beauty and femininity. A resource that uplifts and nourishes us in our connection to ourselves and supports us in all our feminine qualities and roles. In this workshop, we will awaken this resource through yoga, visualisation, music and art.

Wherever you are on your journey of self-discovery and self-discovery, this is a safe place to wake up, open up and find your feminine self.

I am waiting for you with love



Date: January 14 2023, 16.00-19.00

Price: 20.000 Ft

Maximum number of participants: 20 persons


Registration: you can guarantee your place by paying a HUF 5000.