Twice a year, I hold advanced training for professionals working around childbirth

(for doulas, midwives, perinatal (specialist) consultants, maternity yoga instructors, ...)

What is the Blessingway?

Having children is a kind of normative crisis in the lives of all of us, as a completely new era is upon us, where new ones are needed in addition to long-established and applied solutions.
Having a child changes the role of future parents in the family and in society, as well as other members of their environment taking on a new role; mother becomes grandmother, brother becomes aunt.
Everyone prepares for this change in their own way. On the outside, by acquiring the items necessary to care for the child, and on the inside, by self-work and reflection.
As in the past, so now we look at those ahead of us, we look for good examples, we learn and form our common strategy as parents.

The Blessingway is a celebration with ancient roots in a modern guise, which supports the changes of the soul by filling the future mother with strength, courage and love in a female circle, among female energies, so that she will dare to step into her new quality, to arrive. In this way, she feels that she is not alone on the road, she sees the example of other mothers in front of her, who confirm in her that she is also capable of traveling this road and facing the new challenge.
Instead of outward appearances, this holiday focuses on internal processes and places the mother-to-be in the center.

Why does our world need it?

We feel and see that we women are waking up. We reach back to our roots, reconnect with nature, Mother Earth, and the energies of creation. We all feel this call and we all find the connection in different ways, our tools are different.
Today's women feel that having a child is also an expansion of a woman's reality, not only with a new role, but with a new quality, which entails an unknown, exciting and challenging journey.
The Mothering Day addresses the woman of today and adapts to her, her journey, her fears, her hopes and her needs. This is a unique holiday that helps the woman in exactly what and how she needs it. It provides an opportunity to bring the rituals that support transition back into our lives and consciousness in a way that is acceptable to all of us. And the ritual provides due respect and attention, whatever it is about, whatever it is for. It helps to close and process, thus supporting progress and development.

Childbirth is an initiation that radically changes the social status of the person to be initiated and places them in a new state of existence. For this change to happen, it takes courage, faith and humility. For the woman to know and understand that although the road must be traveled alone, she shares the road with her fellow women, accompanied by their love, support and shared destiny.

About the training:

The training is mostly practical. I would like to help and support the participants in the training to feel the charm of this holiday and become capable of organizing unique holidays. After all, the woman who gives birth at home and in the hospital, who gives birth for the first time and who gives birth several times, who prepares for a vaginal birth after a caesarean section or who is scheduled for a caesarean section, needs different holidays. The holiday belongs to every woman and can give strength to every woman.

In the morning of the training, the participants will get an insight into what a Blessingway Celebration is like. We are talking about the process of the invitation, the phases of the organization, and the management of the holiday itself. I will explain all this through practical examples so that you can take as many travel tips with you as possible.

In the afternoon of the training, I would like to support you in getting a feel for your own voice, getting to know your own tools, and becoming able to organize individual and group celebrations. Here you can mainly expect tasks.

"It was Tina who brought this holiday into the public consciousness by wrapping it in a modern garb and making it accessible to less or unconsciously spiritual women. With her, every holiday is unique, tailored to the expectant mother and her unique journey.
Tina has become known for her card decks with positive visual affirmations for expectant mothers and mothers, as well as her free relaxation audios.
Its goal is the same as that of us, all of us who work for the sanctity of labor and birth every day: to awaken and strengthen women to believe in themselves, their bodies and their babies."
Heim Kitty, doula, perinatal consultant

In 2023, there will be two training sessions in Budapest:

March 26, 2023
October 8, 2023

The training lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break.

Location: Geli Ház
1028 Budapest, Kővári út 1-7.

The training fee is HUF 50,000.
You can secure your place with a HUF 10,000 deposit.

The training lasts all day and includes a delicious, nutritious, vegan lunch.