Cards at maternity wards

In 2021, I had a vision. I imagined
wonderful and thought-provoking it would be, if the pictures and confirmations of the cards could be there with anyone who is giving birth.
According to 2020 data, 99% of women give birth in institutions. I felt that it would be fantastic if the cards could be distributed to maternity wards in Hospitals in Hungary in the form of large A3 pictures. This idea seemed very daring and almost impossible at the time. Still, I felt that I wanted to do what I could and in my power to make it a reality. Finally, in 2021, the first images were released to the obstetrics department of the Honvéd Hospital in Budapest, and since then (until May 2023) another 14 maternity wards - mostly state ones - have opened their doors to the images.
Unbelievable joy, hope and a sense of belonging come through every time they get to a new place.
At the beginning of the project, the display project costs of the images were completely financed by the Modern Goddess brand, but since then several mothers, organizations, and even the institutions themselves have supported me and helped with the financing. Thanks to them!
You can find the confirmation images of the Pregnancy and Childbirth and Childbed and Maternity card packages at the following maternity wards and departments with children's beds:

Obstetrics Department of Honvéd Hospital,

Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital Obstetrics,

Semmelweis Hospital in Kiskunhalas
Maternity, Kiskunhalas

Dr. Bugyi István Hospital Obstetrics,

Erzsébet Teaching Hospital in Sopron
Maternity Hospital, Sopron

Maternity Department of Keszthely Hospital,

Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Budapest

Markusovszky University Teaching Hospital
Maternity Hospital, Szombathely

Pest County Flór Ferenc Hospital Obstetrics,

Department of Obstetrics, University of Szeged,

Maternity Department of Kecskemét Hospital,

Buda Perinatal Center,

Jahn Ferenc Dél-Pest Hospital
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Budapest

Dr. László Elek Hospital
Maternity Hospital, Orosháza

Duna Medical Maternity Hospital, Budapest

The opportunity is open to all public and private maternity hospitals and practices who feel the messages of the cards are their own and carry out their daily valuable work with this attitude and service inside, but outside Hungary too!
I am grateful to them for keeping in mind the magical power of suggestion in childbirth
in an altered state of consciousness.
If you know of a maternity ward or pediatric ward,
where the pictures would be welcome, please contact me here:

Did you know?

A spontaneously altered state of consciousness develops during childbirth,
which can be used very well for pain and physical discomfort
reducing, thus increasing the woman's chance of a natural vaginal birth. More
a scientific experiment proves that pregnant women
his hypnotability is higher than average (Tiba, Mészáros, Bányai, Jakubecz, 1977),
so we are more receptive to everything verbal and non-verbal
for suggestion.
"The suggestion (in this case positive confirmation) of that a
the utilization of an ability that the subject is capable of is accepted by him
turning thoughts into actions.” (Bergmann, 1894)
I hope you find the pictures and messages valuable and
expectant mothers, their families, and the obstetrics department will find it useful
professionals, workers, family helpers. I trust that with common faith a
we can once again show the world the miracle of labor and birth.