Hey! My name is Bettina Zágoni, Tina.

Processing my own caesarean birth and the
the preparation for my future motherhood was initiated in 2013 by childbirth
in his world. Since then I have been dealing with women, expectant mothers and mothers. Perinatal
specialist, doula, adult and perinatal yoga instructor, Modern Goddess brand
I am the owner, and I am also a woman, a wife, a mother.

After the birth of my little girl, I created those confirmations
card packages, which many expectant mothers, mothers, and childbirth specialists
uses and knows
, and among whose pictures are many Hungarian obstetrics and maternity hospitals
posters can also be found on the classroom walls. I like to create tools that
which have heart and soul , and which know real support, strength and faith
to women in the perinatal period.

Promoting a holistic view of labor and birth,
in addition to supporting the mental health of women and families, it is important to my work
its corner is spreading the use of positive suggestions and the female life path
putting the rituals back into our everyday lives.

My small business as a full-time mother with my daughter
I built it and grew it into a company by 2023. Motherhood and entrepreneurship
along the way, I learned to weigh things and dig deep into who I am
I am me, what is my task, what do I want from life.

With the Modern Goddess brand, one across cultures and generations
I want to give the world an inclusive female community . My dream and goal is to be one
create a globally known, trusted and loved brand.

Thank you for being here!

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