Bettina Zágoni

I am a perinatal counsellor, an adult, a maternity and baby-mama yoga teacher, and a doula. I have attended countless excellent training courses over the past ten years in the areas of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This is my profession, my vocation, and this is what my heart beats for. I am a mother, a woman of feelings, and the partner and wife of a remarkable man. The daily life of my female and maternal sisters is my daily life as well. Their fears are my fears, their hopes are my hopes, and their strength is our united strength.

I believe that it is worth living with a whole heart and unconditional faith. With faith in ourselves, in the goodness of the world, in our path. I believe that everything below is above, and that with the right tools to help us - be it creation, movement, music or anything that helps to express the world inside us - it is easier to understand, accept, love and support ourselves in those in processes that we experience during our own journey. I believe that healing and development is when an experience - good or bad, easy or difficult - finds a peaceful place within us.

"I consider it my mission to accompany and uplift my fellow women and mothers and to participate in building a vibrant community of women"

  • In alliance

    We started the interview series "Szövetségben" because we want to show through inspiring people and give a positive example that it is indeed good to live in a relationship. Where we are talking about the difficulties, joys and cohesive elements of relationships.
    Get to know the alliance between Bettina Zágoni and István!

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  • Császárvonal article

    "We need the truth about childbirth and the true nature of childbirth" Bettina Zágoni is known to many from Instagram, where she helps women under the name Tina Moderngoddess and strengthens those who gather around her before, during and after pregnancy. As a perinatal consultant, mother of one child, and yoga instructor, she has so far surprised mothers with card packs, diaries, and audio materials that, without exaggeration, all pregnant women and children should come across.

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  • Csendben Nő Podcast

    We all begin to deal with our ancestors and the blessings and curses inherited from them subconsciously at a very early age: as teenagers. Rebellion or self-surrender is all work, inner work and struggle with the image and story twists that we receive from our ancestors packaged as "truth". Curses and blessings, this is what we receive and pass on. And that's okay. We have one important thing in our hands: the freedom of decision. There are easy and excruciatingly difficult paths to this. The possibility is still there, even if it hides or we hide it from ourselves.

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  • Golden Milk - The wellness podcast

    Bettina Zágoni is a perinatal consultant who deals with the topic of motherhood. The 'Ascension' meditation can help resolve transgenerational trauma. We talked about the experiences of our ancestors - especially our female ancestors - and their effects on us, and about questions that arise in all of us at a certain stage of our lives.

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  • Weekly outgoing

    In this episode, we want to share an incredibly uplifting conversation with you. Our guest was perinatal consultant Bettina Zágoni, with whom we touched on topics such as pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother. Tina's fantastically calming and peaceful radiance was also felt during the virtual interview and we are grateful that we could welcome her as the first guest of Heti. Follow her on Instagram and enjoy her beautiful illustrations, her relaxation and her beautiful, kind-hearted being!

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