Szülésre Bocsátó Ünnep

Kinek ajánlom?

Minden kismamának, aki a babaváró ünnepségét meghitt, női szépséggel és erővel teli körben élné meg, ahol teret kap az a jelentős belső átalkulás is, ami benne megy végbe. Benne, aki nőből anyává születik.

Tudj meg többet az Ünnepről!

This celebration is always unique and personalised to the woman being celebrated. So it is personalised to your story and your needs. It supports you and helps you on the journey that is yours alone.

Each time we get to know each other through a few questions and a conversation. This intimate relationship and everything you share with me about your feelings and your story helps me to organize a completely unique and special holiday for you.

The Blessingway is always attended by those whom you are happy to see, who give you their unconditional support and love throughout your life. They can be loved ones, relatives, girlfriends. It is different for everyone, but it is very important that you decide who can participate in this intimate celebration.

The Blessingway will be held around the 37th week of pregnancy at a location of your choice, which can be your home or an outdoor or indoor place you like. I warmly recommend the location of the Yogasecrets Studio in Budapest, where we can hold the holiday in the garden in good weather, and in an intimate yoga room in colder seasons.

The holiday is usually 2.5-3 hours long.

The full Blessingway may include,

A teljes ünnep a következőket tartalmazhatja,

MY FEES include my attention and presence, my work beforehand, the discussion, the leading of the celebration and the entire organisation.

The DECORATION contains the essential elements, objects and comfort items to create an intimate space adapted to your taste, favourite colours and style.

We braid your hair with REAL FLOWERS and decorate the space with them.

The experienced PHOTOGRAPHER captures the intimate moment, community power, and the end of an era with her invisible yet feminine energy and artistic talent.

The images are everlasting reminders of the moment at the gateway to motherhood and reminders that we are loved and can count on our loved ones and friends.


THE LOCATION, if not held outdoors or at a location provided by the mother/participants, the Yogasecrets Studio in the 11th district of Budapest will provide an intimate and sophisticated setting for the celebration. This requires prior arrangement.


I recommend that the participants bring something small to drink and eat together.

In 2023, I will only be able to organise a few celebrations due to saturation. Instead of myself, I would recommend with love and confidence all the wonderful women and professionals who have graduated from me below:

  • My fee

    50.000.-Ft - contains the cost of decoration (except flowers)
  • Flower arrangements

  • Photographer

  • Location

    Detailed coordination necessary

Ki tart még ilyet?

I have many wonderful women who have graduated under me, whom I also wholeheartedly recommend for organizing your Blessingway.