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Postpartum and Motherhood Affirmation Cards

Postpartum and Motherhood Affirmation Cards

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The first few years after the birth of our children often bring us challenges we have never faced before. As a mother, we experience the widest range of emotions. We walk above the stars and inside the deepest caverns on the same day. Sometimes we question ourselves, our abilities and our decisions. We don't need advice. We need self-affirmation, the belief that we are the best mothers for our children and that the journey of motherhood will hold wonders and discoveries for us! Thanks to this, we can become greater and better.

I believe these 52 visual affirmation cards will support and empower us,
Woman, Mothers, to find ourselves in this new role of motherhood.
Use it and love it; let it be your support, and pass it on to your beloved ones!
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